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Strategic Priorities

Support of free thinking in the field of economics and social sciences.

Facilitate training programs for aspiring students and young lecturers in economics and social sciences from the Russian regions.

Promote Yegor Gaidar literary heritage across the world.

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What we do

  • Awards

    We have two awards projects that aims to promote development of the civil society, liberal values and scientific research in the field of economics and history.

  • Dialogue

    International and regional forums, conferences and round tables, experts’ discussion clubs on economics, regional development, actual social and cultural issues.

  • Education

    Summer schools and training programs, a program of scholarships and grants for students, lecturers and young scientists.

  • Awareness

    Lectures and Internet projects, support for publication of magazines «Herald of Europe» and «Notes of the Fatherland».

  • Heritage

    Publication of Yegor Gaidar works and creation of a digital archive of his working documents.

Full list of our projects
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The Board of Trustees and the Managing Board of the Egor Gaidar Foundation are represented by the outstanding statesmen, scientists — economists, artists and journalists who contributed to Russia’s development into a democratic and economically stable country.

Structure of the Foundation

  • Anatoly Chubais

    Anatoly Chubais

    Chairman of the board of trustees
    of yegor gaidar foundation

    Yegor Gaidar is a unique figure in Russian history. In the early 1990s he took full responsibility for economic reforms in the situation when Russia was on the brink of social disaster.

    Much of what he conceived and initiated back then is being implemented only now, still bigger part is waiting in the wings. Gaidar believed that someday Russia will become a European country with an open society, dynamic and developed economy.

    After the death of Yegor Gaidar, we decided to set up a foundation named after him, the primary goal of which is to do the utmost in order to prepone the future envisaged by Gaidar.

    From my own experience I know that major changes never happen overnight: it takes a new generation of people that have absorbed true liberal values to grow. In order to distribute them we work in several directions.

    First of all, we are trying to form an adequate idea of ​​Russia’s contemporary history and the essence of liberal reforms initiated by Yegor Gaidar. We are discussing the problems of modern society and through an open dialogue are looking for ways to solve them. We find it crucial to ensure exchange of opinions at very different levels but still to keep intercommunication qualified and productive.

    We pay special attention to education and raising awareness. Our projects help young people, especially in the regions, to get access to the latest knowledge. I am convinced that it is on the youth that it depends how successful the development of the country will be.

    It is not the first time in our history that Russia is standing at the crossroads faced with such an issue as a need for further modernization of basic socio-economic institutions. I believe that the work of Yegor Gaidar Foundation will help to provide an adequate response to the challenges of time.

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  • Boris Mints

    Boris Mints

    Chairman of the managing board
    of yegor gaidar foundation

    In three years Yegor Gaidar Foundation managed to established itself as an organization that has a clear vision of the goals it faces and the ways to achieve them.

    During this time we have mastered many modern formats of work varying from international conferences, expert roundtables and lectures to serious educational programs and educational Internet projects. Today there is a wide range of experts and reliable professional partners collaborating with the Foundation. We interact with the audience most varied by age, education and interests, not only in Moscow and Russian regions, but also abroad.

    It is of prime importance for us to ensure that different projects are interrelated, that they gradually get accumulated, thus forming a unified whole. In my view we are now arriving at a serious level of work, as in 2013 we carried out 26 projects, hosted 52 events in 114 cities of Russia and 10 countries near and far abroad.

    We are not willing to stop — our plans imply new educational programs, educational and memorial projects, still more active work of our discussion forums. I hope that the efforts of the Foundation will soon become visible throughout the country and will help us all together to build a better educated, self-motivated and responsible society.

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