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Annual Gaidar-Naumann Forum 2015 in Berlin

Gaidar- Naumann Forum 2015 ‘Changing Vectors between Russia and Germany – Economic Cooperation in Times of Sanctions and New Alliances’ took place on 26 November in Berlin. The forum is organized  by Yegor Gaidar Foundation in close partnership with Friedrich Naumann Stiftung for Freedom and German – Russian Forum.

In times of crisis, the German –Russian economic relations have remained intensive, at the same time boing under increasing pressure. European Union and Eurasian Economic Union failed to develop potential for co-operation. Sanctions and counter-sanctions are posing challenges to economic actors in both countries. Meanwhile, the pressure to modernize Russian economy remains high.

The forum opened Prof. Karl-Heinz Paqué, Vice-President oft he Board of Directors, Naumann Foundation and Boris Mints, Chair ot he Board, Gaidar Foundation. Among the key speakers were  by Anatoly  Chubais, Sergei Dubinin, Michael Harms, Prof. Andreas Pinkwart, Prof. Evgeny Gontmakher, Prof.Eugeny Yassin and many others.

Economists, politicians and academics from both countries have discussed the changing dynamics of German-Russian economic relations. The expert speakers analyzed how liberal reform approaches like those of Yegor Gaidar can play a fruitful role for the future. One of the most interesting discussions was approaching the issue of sanctions and how companies and the labor markets should react to the changing socio-economic environment.  And can European Union and Eurasian Economic Union become instruments of low-politics dialogue in times of political ice age?

As a part of the Forum afternoon session, the audience was presented with a documentary “Yegor Gaidar. Collapse of an Empire”, introduced by Irina Buylova and Petr Gaidar. The following discussion focused on the lessons learnt from the 25 years of reform in Russia and Germany and possible future scenarios.